[RPG] What Resources Are Available For Poison?


I find myself stopped up short in my efforts to create a major…well, not antagonist, but let us call him a very shady ally, for my PCs. The individual in question, Mykael the Grinner, is the master of a tribe of elves that favor incredibly toxic poisons, venoms, and chemical compounds. The trouble is that all the rules I can find for these substances (and spells that mimic them!) in 3.5 is highly underwhelming. Thus, I have two questions: are there any published resources that can help improve his lethal concoctions, and if not/in addition to those, does anyone have homebrew resources that they might suggest for such venoms?

Best Answer

To add some homebrew poison support, here are a few:

And to toot my own horn: I have performed an overhaul of the 3.5 poison system myself. It's not so much an addition to as it is a replacement of the old mechanics, but it does make them significantly more usable, and less reliant on being expanded in the first place (but I would think that, of course).

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