[RPG] What restrictions are there on Cantrips


This is my first D&D 5th edition campaign, coming from Pathfinder. I'm creating a Bard.

I can't seem to find any restrictions on cantrips. Do I automatically know all of them? Can I cast them an unlimited amount of times?

Best Answer

The details are all in the Player’s Handbook.

The table on page 53 lists how many Cantrips Known you have at each level. The corresponding text on page 52 under the Cantrips heading states that these are the only cantrips you know (at least, from the bard class), and that they must come from the bard’s list of 0th-level spells.

But you can cast the ones you do know unlimited times, yes. This is described under Cantrips on page 201. You still must cast them as you would any other spell, however (e.g. spend the appropriate action, cannot do so in armor you aren’t proficient in, etc).