[RPG] What Rogue class features can be used in Wild Shape


This is a question about what Rogue class features are available in Wild Shape, for a druid/rogue multi-class character.

In the Player's Handbook it states that class features are usable in Wild Shape as long as the beast is able to carry out the tasks.

You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new
form is physically capable of doing so.

(PHB, p.67)

This question answers the possible use of Expertise in Wild Shape:
Can a multiclassed druid/rogue benefit from Expertise while in Wild Shape?

The maximum level available to a player multi-classing as a Druid/Rogue would be would be Druid L2 / Rogue L18, because the ability to Wild Shape becomes available to a druid at level 2. So, the answer does not need to include any Rogue abilities at higher levels.

What class features for a rogue would still be active in wild shape?

Best Answer

Essentially, everything works unless it specifically says it doesn't, as per the rule you quoted in the question.

Sneak attack specifically doesn't work in most cases because it requires the use of a particular weapon, however if you transformed into something that could conceivably wield a finesse weapon such as an ape, sneak attack would apply under its normal conditions.

I would agree with all of the deductions in your answer aside from the Swashbuckler's Rakish Audacity and Panache.

My edited list is as follows:


  • Fast Hands - not likely to work, possibly as Ape at DM's discretion
  • Second-Story Work - works as normal, unless the Wild Shape form cannot climb
  • Supreme Sneak - works as normal
  • Use Magic Device - not likely to work, but situational and at DM's discretion
  • Thief's Reflexes - works as normal


  • Bonus Proficiencies (disguise kit and poisoner's kit) - highly unlikely
  • Assassinate - works as normal
  • Infiltration Expertise - irrelevant
  • Impostor - irrelevant
  • Death Strike - works as normal

Arcane Trickster:

  • Spellcasting - not possible in Wild Shape, but spells requiring concentration can continue to be active in Wild Shape if cast before transforming
  • Mage Hand Legerdemain - only works if Mage Hand is cast before transformation
  • Magical Ambush - does not work
  • Versatile Trickster - only works if Mage Hand is cast before transformation
  • Spell Thief - works, but would need to come out of Wild Shape to cast the spell


  • Ear for Deceit - works as normal, unless beast is deaf
  • Eye for Detail - works as normal
  • Steady Eye - works as normal
  • Unerring Eye - works as normal
  • Eye for Weakness - works as normal if sneak attack can be triggered


  • Master of Intrigue - no use for disguise kit, forgery kit or gaming set; understanding the languages would remain active but would not be able to communicate in them while transformed
  • Master of Tactics - works as normal
  • Insightful Manipulator - works as normal
  • Misdirection - works as normal
  • Soul of Deceit - works as normal


  • Skirmisher - works as normal
  • Survivalist - works as normal
  • Superior Mobility - works as normal (except for flying speeds)
  • Ambush Master - works as normal
  • Sudden Strike - works as normal if Sneak Attack can be triggered


  • Fancy Footwork - works as normal
  • Rakish Audacity - see below
  • Panache - see below
  • Elegant Maneuver - works as normal
  • Master Duelist - works as normal

My clarifications:

  • The initiative bonus from Rakish Audacity will always apply, and the alternative use of Sneak Attack would also apply if the other conditions of Sneak Attack could be met, namely the Sneak Attack's specific weapon requirements.

  • Panache also functions under the condition stated:

    The creature must be able to hear you, and the two of you must share a language.

    If you have some means to speak whatever language though magic or otherwise, the ability will still function.

Obviously some very niche cases where these work, but I just wanted to point out that it is possible.