[RPG] What rpgs are focused on kingdom building and what sort of mechanics are used in each system?


I've read Kingmaker, and I've heard of Birthright. I'm wondering what other rpgs are out their in that vein as those are the two I keep stumbling upon.

I'm interested more in the type of mechanics and activities each system focuses on. What are the rewards for the players to spend time building a kingdom? Are they cooperatively focused? How is the pacing? What makes the rpg stand out?

edit: reworded question and details, it was too broad.

Best Answer

There are two ways to approach a "kingdom building" campaign. One is from the political side, and the other is from the build-and-supply side. The former focuses on social maneuvering and only touches lightly on logistics. The latter focuses on logistics and only touches lightly on social maneuvering.

If you're looking to run a dramatic political campaign, my favorite reference is Dynasties & Demagogues (for 3.5E) by Chris Aylott, published by Atlas Games. It gives solid advice for running a political campaign without it getting bogged down in boring stuff. It adds politically-oriented spells, personality feats and other feats, leader-based prestige classes, and a political maneuvering system that is a lot like social combat.

If you're looking to run a campaign where characters focus on building strongholds and dealing with logistics, my favorite reference is Stronghold Builder's Guidebook (for 3.5E) by Matt Forbeck and David Noonan, published by Wizards of the Coast. It focuses on the stronghold itself: building it, defending it, mapping it, and so on. That may be more limited than you want for a "kingdom building" game.

More like Birthright is Strongholds & Dynasties by Paul Tucker, published by Mongoose Publishing. It provides a system for governance, economy tables, rules for building strongholds, a mass combat system, and so on. It's pretty complete and solves many of the same problems as Birthright, but in a different way.