[RPG] What should the rarity rating be for this homebrew Healing Brick


I read about this item on reddit (with a different name) a while ago and planned to implement this in my campaign, but I'm unsure what its rarity should be.

Healing Brick

As an action, make either melee or ranged attack roll against target. It is treated as improvised weapon (1d4+STR dmg) with 20/60 range. On a hit, target is healed by 2d4+2 HP, then takes the damage from the attack. On a hit or a miss, the brick loses its magic.

The main thing I'm concerned about is being able to wake knocked out allies from afar, without exposing the user to danger.

Should this item be common like a Healing Potion? Or it should have a higher rarity?

Best Answer

Common is probably the appropriate Rarity for this item

This object has one advantage over a Potion of Healing, and two Disadvantages over a Potion of Healing. The advantage is that it can be used at range—20 feet with a normal attack roll, 60 feet with a disadvantaged attack roll. The disadvantage, as implied by my previous sentence, is that the brick has a chance of failure proportional to how strong your ally's armor is—and this chance does not diminish just because you're in melee/Potion range. And even if the hit successfully lands, there's a non-trivial chance that the damage from the brick being an Improvised Weapon will result in the character taking more damage than what they were healed for.

So if you're in a situation where you need to desperately ensure an ally doesn't die after taking a blow that put them unconscious, this item is going to be a risk even in melee range. In terms of power level (or rarity), it shouldn't be above a Potion of Healing, and maybe arguably is behind it.

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