[RPG] What software can be useful for a DM running D&D


I DM'd a lot in a time before software could do anything more than let you type up your scenarios and roll a dice. What kind of software is out there now for DM's running a game.

Are any of them any good?

Best Answer

I've used ProFantasy's products for creating cities, continents, etc. They are excellent products and full featured though they can get a little pricey.

An alternative for creating dungeon maps is using a vector drawing program such as Inkscape (free) or Xara (pay). You can create objects that you can quickly cut and paste for repeated patterns. Since it's vector based these can easily be accurately resized for different scales. You can even print out pages for use with miniatures.

Most of all I've depended on spreadsheets software (Excel, OpenOffice Calc) to create templates for character sheets. A lot of these templates are available online or you can create your own. Ultimately you can print them out if you're not using a computer at your gaming session or view them online.

I've normally stored game notes and adventures in Word or OpenOffice Writer, but I've been considering using a wiki (such as Twiki) or a small database (such as sqlite) to store some of this data.

When playing DD3.0-3.5 I had written a perl script that helped me generate NPCs. It was quite a bit of work, but proved quite useful. It generated full stats, spells, skills, etc.