[RPG] What sourcebook has 0th-level psionic powers


So, I've heard about the existence of 0-level psionic powers somewhere in D&D, which would be a fantastic boon for low-level psionic characters (and a nice feature for mid- and high-level ones).

The problem is, I can't find the source of them. Is it an optional rule from printed books? Dragon Magazine? Mind's Eye? Pathfinder rulebooks?

Best Answer

Secrets of Sarlona

SoS presents a number of arcane cantrips as 1st level powers, see page 133.

There are no rules for actual 0th-level powers in D&D 3.5. They were present under the name of "Talents" in the 3.0 Psionics Handbook and reintroduced in Pathfinder, but they skipped 3.5.

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