[RPG] What spells could cure a stroke


Last session an NPC suffered a significant stroke, with the typical symptoms of partial paralysis of one side of the body, drooping face on that side, slurred speech, and so on.

However, a stroke doesn't inflict a mechanical condition that could be cured by lesser restoration. Because it isn't necessarily a disease, either (no contagion, no real cure), it wouldn't be affected by heal or a Paladin's Lay on Hands. Greater restoration lists a specific list of "debilitating effects" that it can cure, which might leave it out.

Can any magic or class feature restore this NPC's vitality, short of a wish spell?

To clarify, I am the DM, so I am looking for in-game mechanics for possible resolutions.

Best Answer

Regenerate for this DM

I took a few minutes to learn about strokes here, and the general gist is that due to a combination of ruptured/blocked blood vessels a bunch of brain cells die. This progressing to full death depends on how far it gets, but regardless the creature in question effectively has severed body parts by virtue of brain cells being dead and effectively disconnected from the overall organ.

Given that Regenerate states:

You touch a creature and stimulate its natural healing ability. The target regains 4d8 + 15 hit points. For the duration of the spell, the target regains 1 hit point at the start of each of its turns (10 hit points each minute).

The target’s severed body members (fingers, legs, tails, and so on), if any, are restored after 2 minutes. If you have the severed part and hold it to the stump, the spell instantaneously causes the limb to knit to the stump.

Natural healing could include stem cells, reinvigorating the dead brain cells back to life, or growing new ones. Whichever logic works for you.

As a 7th level spell, this would finally make me happy to see some reason for it to be as high level as it is. Using this spell, this DM would permit the caster to fully restore mental faculties to someone who has degenerated from a stroke, dementia, etc.