[RPG] What would be the gold cost of a feat


Imagine a player wanting a training in leadership by some charismatic nobleman. I am the GM and I agree with that, but I have no idea as to the time spent and the monetary compensation it would take. Is there any information regarding this, or any rules of thumb ?

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As a general rule of thumb, about 3,000-10,000 gp.

There are a few things that grant feats for money, and exactly how much it costs is going to depend on how powerful and useful the feat is. A good starting point would be the Legendary Sites starting on page 142 of the Complete Scoundrel. They all gives permanent or long-duration buffs that have an "ability value" that is roughly how much WBL finding that location is worth.

As an example, visiting the Court of Thieves location is worth 6,000 gp, and gives you a luck feat of your choice.

If what you're trying to do is give your player the Leadership feat in exchange for money, then you probably want to charge somewhere in the 5,000 - 10,000 gp range. Leadership is pretty powerful under the right circumstances, so it probably should be in the higher end of the 3k-10k range.

You could also use the Retraining rules on p. 192 of the PHB 2, and have the player lose a feat in exchange for Leadership. Retraining a feat can be done without cost, but if you want to charge for it, it takes 2 weeks, and costs 50 gold.

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