[RPG] What would happen if somebody ate a wild-shaped Druid, and then the Druid changed back inside them


Let's say that a medium-sized Druid wild shapes into something like a fly (fine sized) and flies into a medium-sized NPC's mouth while they were talking, gets swallowed, and then wild-shapes back into their humanoid form. What would happen in this instance? Would the Druid take damage? Would the NPC take damage?

Best Answer

The Monster Manual and DMG have 2 possible solutions to this:

  • you could treat it like the same mechanics that the Tarrasque (MM p.286-7) uses to swallow, but scaled down to whoever swallowed the druid, or

  • use the "inside an object" (as in the Daern's Instant Fortress) mechanic from the DMG, where both would take force damage based on their size: most likely 1d10 if they were both medium humanoids.