[RPG] What would it take to enchant a pet rock as an alarm


This is what I want:

A system for enchanting pet rocks, miniature non-ambulatory golems, that can be placed in unassuming places around your home or campsite to sense intruders and make some sort of alarm.

What could I use in the game to make that happen?

Best Answer

XGE popped into my mind as it reminded me of the associated picture. Wizards are given a level 3 spell called Tiny Servant (XGE, 168):

You touch one Tiny, nonmagical object that isn’t attached to another object or a surface and isn’t being carried by another creature. The target animates and sprouts little arms and legs, becoming a creature under your control until the spell ends or the creature drops to 0 hit points.

As a bonus action, you can mentally command the creature if it is within 120 feet of you. (If you control multiple creatures with this spell, you can command any or all of them at the same time, issuing the same command to each one.) You decide what action the creature will take and where it will move during its next turn, or you can issue a simple, general command, such as to fetch a key, stand watch, or stack some books. If you issue no commands, the servant does nothing other than defend itself against hostile creatures. Once given an order, the servant continues to follow that order until its task is complete.

Using that, upcast as a 4th-level spell, you can have up to 3 pet rocks and command them "bash this plate if someone approaches", Since they have a movement of 120 feet and requires no concentration, I think that might hit your target.

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