[RPG] What’s a good adventure to begin a level 1 D&D 4E campaign?


I'm looking for a good adventure to start a new campaign from levels 1 to 30 with some friends!

Our campaign is gonna be based on the .hack// games, where people get trapped inside an online game, so ANY ADVENTURE WORKS.

However I'd like something that is easy to introduce them to combat and traps and that doesn't requires many sessions to run. I have Keep on the Shadowfell but find it too much time consuming; looking for something of similar length to the adventure found on DM's Handbook (I've used it before with my players).

I have a party size of 4 players that includes:

  • Fighter
  • Rogue
  • Psion
  • Cleric

I would like something fun that won't last more than a single session (we usually spend about 3 hours a day playing).

Best Answer

Given the game-like setting and the hard 3 hour timelimit, I'd recommend bookending the campaign's chapters with sessions from Fourthcore adventures (archived here). You could do far worse than run encounters from the fourthcore hardcore team deathmatch as a campaign.

I've run this as an opener before with two tweaks: first the enemy is not death, but time. When the party TPKs, the dungeon resets. The party has exactly three hours to complete the dungeon.

The trick is to introduce this as the chapter opener and closer. "Tonight will be a test of your skills. You will almost certainly fail. As you grow more powerful, you may choose to return to try again." Thus, the adventure arc will open and close with these modules (neatly framed at multiple levels). Beyond that, use chaos scar vignettes from DDI for intirm much less deadly encounters and adventures.