[RPG] What’s the best item to keep a wizard alive?


Right now my party is 5th level and we just spent some downtime crafting. But I can tell the encounters are aiming at my wizard a little more since I'm dealing consistent damage now.

Current party is Cleric, Rogue, Paladin, Ranger, & Wizard. I know the paladin can revivify in a few more levels and of course there's the cleric as is. What I'm worried about is the Cleric going down and then I go down as the Wizard.

What's the best item near my level that would keep me alive or revive me?

My current hp is 27, I have a lot of spells that I copied from scrolls. I already have mirror image, fly, mage armor and shield to name a few.

Best Answer

One of the best magic items for increasing survivability is the periapt of wound closure. It automatically stabilises you at the start of your turn if you're dying, and hit dice recover twice as many hit points.

With this item, if you ever get knocked unconscious, you only need to survive until the start of your next turn, at which point you will stabilise. This will prevent your character from dying to death saving throws, but your party will still need to defeat the encounter to survive.

It will also give you a lot more bang for your buck in terms of recovering HP on short rests. You effectively get twice as many hit dice, allowing you to keep going for longer without worrying about HP.

And the item is definitely "near your level", the periapt of wound closure is an uncommon magic item. If your DM follows the guidelines in the DMG, you should be able to craft it.