[RPG] What’s the difference between “Ability to cast arcane spells” and “Arcane spellcaster”


The prerequisite for Arcane Strike is "[the] ability to cast arcane spells." The prerequisite for Arcane Shield is "arcane spellcaster" and a specified caster level.

What's the difference? Is anyone able to cast arcane spells that is not an "arcane spellcaster?" Or does this difference arise simply from different wording in different books?

Best Answer

In short, "arcane spellcaster" and "can cast arcane spells" are functionally identical.

In order to be considered an arcane spellcaster, you must be able to cast arcane spells. Likewise, if you can cast arcane spells, you are an arcane spellcaster. There were rules in early 3.5 that classified creatures with spell-like abilities as arcane for certain purposes, but that was errata'd out.

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