[RPG] When a melee fighting character wants to stun a monster, and the monster wants to be killed, can they instead take a fatal blow


Mainly what was asked above. I know that a melee attack can stun an opponent by reducing them to 0 HP instead of killing them, but can a monster somehow lay down in such a way that the blow is fatal?

Best Answer

No, the creature being reduced to 0 hit points has no say in the matter.

The rules for knocking creatures unconscious state:

Sometimes an attacker wants to incapacitate a foe, rather than deal a killing blow. When an attacker reduces a creature to 0 hit points with a melee attack, the attacker can knock the creature out. The attacker can make this choice the instant the damage is dealt. The creature falls unconscious and is stable.

These are the only rules on the situation, and only the attacker is given a choice.