[RPG] When can a Ranger get a component pouch (or material components) outside of starting equipment


I'll start by staying I'm brand new to D&D. I just made my first character and started my first campaign last week. I am playing 5e with a forest gnome ranger based on the specs in the PHB. We are in the midst of the Sunless Citadel adventure from Tales from the Yawning Portal.

My Ranger just reached level 2 and thus now gets some spellcasting abilities. However, being new to the game, I didn't know what sort of equipment to buy when I did my character creation, and so I never bought a component pouch. I'm now in the midst of a dungeon and picking my first spells.

I guess my question is a two-parter:

When am I likely to have an opportunity to buy a component pouch (or get material components); and if it's not soon, when picking my first spells, should I avoid ones with a material component, e.g. goodberry?

Best Answer

Talk to your GM

The best answer will come from your GM.

There are a lot of reasonable answers:

  • do without - lots of good spells don't require material components
  • buy a pouch - when you can, might be a long wait
  • find a pouch or components - unlikely, but you never know; for instance, something someone else left behind
  • gather components - although tough to do underground
  • retcon that you bought one - with your GM's permission

To me it's pretty significant that this is your first character, and that you're new to the game, and new to the campaign. That makes it even more critical that you discuss it with the GM.

Here on rpg.se we can say what the rules say and we can point out alternatives, but your GM is the authority on your game.

Also, the D&D rules explicitly say "rulings, not rules", which makes your GM the authority even if the rules say otherwise.

And, by the way, welcome to a great game and a great pastime, and welcome to rpg.se. You and your forest gnome ranger (and a bunch of other characters you have yet to conceive) have a lot of good times ahead of you.