[RPG] When do you add the proficiency bonus


I am very new to D&D, but I cannot seem to find when to add the proficiency bonus. From what I can tell from the character sheet, there is a proficiency bonus for a specific task, and another (on top of the list of proficiency bonus) that says: "Proficiency bonus: +2". What is this and when do I add them?

Best Answer

Proficiency Bonus is, in general, added to rolls for things you are proficient in.

Proficiency Bonus

The table that appears in your class description shows your proficiency bonus, which is +2 for a 1st-level character. Your proficiency bonus applies to many of the numbers you’ll be recording on your character sheet:

  • Attack rolls using weapons you’re proficient with
  • Attack rolls with spells you cast
  • Ability checks using skills you’re proficient in
  • Ability checks using tools you’re proficient with
  • Saving throws you’re proficient in
  • Saving throw DCs for spells you cast (explained in each spellcasting class)

PHB - Chapter 1, p. 12.

The spot on the character sheet is just for you to easily write it down and refer to when filling out the rest of the character sheet. For example, when filling out the character sheet you will fill in the circles next to skills you are trained in to remind you that you have proficiency with these skills and add your proficiency bonus to your MOD for that skill.

It should be noted that proficiency is never added to damage rolls.