[RPG] When I use the short sword to Inflict Wounds, do I use the Dex or Wis mod


When making a melee attack with inflict wounds, do you use your Strength (or Dexterity, if you're using a finesse weapon), on the attack roll or do you use your Wisdom mod?

I'm playing a rogue/cleric and just wanted to know what I should use, and if I added my Dex for making the melee attack with a short sword (since it's a finesse weapon).

For example, I use inflict wounds and it's a sneak attack. Do I roll 1d6 + 2d6 + 3d10 + dex mod damage, or do I roll 2d6 + 3d10 damage?

Best Answer

You use WIS, because inflict wounds is a melee spell attack, not a melee weapon attack.

It seems like you're a little unclear on the distinction, which is blurring some lines.

Inflict wounds requires you to make a melee spell attack. PHB p. 205 tells us that this will use your spellcasting modifier; WIS for your Clerical spellcasting ability. Basically, it's Cast A Spell (action) requiring an attack roll, not an Attack (action) which substitutes a spell for a weapon.

You can't use sneak attack with inflict wounds.

Sneak Attack's prerequisite is that "the attack must use a finesse or ranged weapon." (PHB p.96) But you didn't use a weapon, you used a spell. So no sneak attack for you. (With this spell--there are others, like booming blade, which trigger off of weapon attacks and so could stack with sneak attack.)