[RPG] When is control of a Shield Guardian transferred


Is it when another creature dons the control amulet?
Does the original owner have to expire first?
Is control transferred even if the control amulet is stolen from the previous owner?

The exact scenario is the party has encountered a goblin with a Shield Guardian. They used 'Command' on the goblin and made it 'give' the amulet to them. Does control of the Guardian switch to the player immediately when they don the amulet?

Best Answer

RAW - Immediately

Every shield guardian has an amulet magically linked to it. A shield guardian can have only one corresponding amulet, ...
... A shield guardian's solitary focus is to protect the amulet's wearer. The amulet's wearer can command the guardian to attack its enemies or to guard the wielder against attack.

As an earlier part of the monsters description describes that the amulet can be given away, traded, etc, it's fairly clear that the previous owner has no command or attunement time (like many magic items in 5th edition). And a tweet from Jeremy Crawford confirming no attunement.

PS - RAI, also yes

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