[RPG] When making multiple attacks, does advantage from being unseen apply to all attacks?


When you dual-wield or multiattack somebody who can't see you, are both/all attacks with advantage? We are using facing rules, so attacking silently from behind is a common situation I expect to bring this up.

To clarify, I'm not talking about sneak attack here. I know that you can only sneak once per turn. I'm just wondering if I jump somebody from the shadows and I hit them with multiple attacks, if they are all with advantage. Are they?

If advantage is denied on second attack because the opponent wouldn't be unaware anymore, or would turn and defend, does losing advantage happen even in case the first attack (with advantage) missed?

Best Answer

The first attack has advantage, the rest don't

Let's assume that you sneak up on somebody without being noticed with a good stealth check. You are effectively invisible at this point. And as such, you have advantage on attack rolls. So the first attack has advantage.

After that attack though, regardless of a hit or miss, you are no longer hidden. So, you no longer can be considered "effectively invisible" and your attack rolls no longer have advantage. So, attacks after the first no longer have advantage.

However, by sneaking up on somebody and attacking them, you most likely have surprised them as well. So, you get to take an additional turn in combat before they can take any actions at all.