[RPG] When multiclassing a Cleric/Wizard, can I prepare wizard spells from the cleric list that the wiz could learn but didn’t?


As a concrete example, let's say I have a multiclassed Cleric and Wizard (Theurgy), meaning that a common spell they could both have is Cure Wounds, but let's say that I didn't have the wizard learn the Cure Wounds spell. Could the character have the "prepared wizard spells" include Cure Wounds, which is a spell that as a Theurgy Wizard he could know, but doesn't?

Best Answer


The rules on multiclassing and spellcasting state:

You determine what spells you know and can prepare for each class individually, as if you were a single-classed member of that class. If you are a ranger 4/wizard 3, for example, you know three 1st-level ranger spells based on your levels in the ranger class. As 3rd-level wizard, you know three wizard cantrips, and your spellbook contains ten wizard spells, two of which (the two you gained when you reached 3rd level as a wizard) can be 2nd-level spells. If your Intelligence is 16, you can prepare six wizard spells from your spellbook.

Each spell you know and prepare is associated with one of your classes, and you use the spellcasting ability of that class when you cast the spell. Similarly, a spellcasting focus, such as a holy symbol, can be used only for the spells from the class associated with that focus.

In the example above if it is not in your spellbook you can't prepare it as a wizard spell. See the ability arcane initiate. It is designed specifically for the purpose of adding cleric spells to your spellbook for this reason.