[RPG] Where do you go when you die


Following in the line of this question, I know quite a bit about V:TM, W:TA, M:TA, and Mummy, but sadly I have almost no knowledge of the rest.

What happens to the spirit/soul of oWOD creatures (including humans) when they die?

What I understand so far:

  • For vampires, it's a simple "game over." (Though I've seen some discussions that they do have souls, so they could continue the journey somewhere.)
  • Mummies will resurrect after a while, after spending some time with Apophis.
  • Shapeshifters as I understand have their own "paradise for heroes" (Legendary realm, if my memory is right) and in some cases they can guide or even reincarnate in their offspring (Ancestors/Pure Breed traits).
  • Mages die as humans do, but theirs Avatar might reincarnate with another mage

What about the rest?

Best Answer

Most of the rest of the World of Darkness creatures are in some respects or other human beings, and the deaths of humans, as described in Wraith: the Oblivion, leads to nonexistence, either through transcendence or oblivion. Those who have reasons or will enough to keep existing after that may become wraiths — see the aforementioned WtO — or otherwise remain as denizens of the Shadowlands.

Mages die as people do, although their Avatar shards return to the cycle and become attached to new humans with the possibility of awakening.

When it comes to changelings, the Sluagh book puts forward a theory that the Faerie soul reincarnates through the Changeling Way, reforming time after time in different kiths until, finally, one ends up as a sluagh in one's last lifetime. This is thought to be the result of unreliable narration, as it's not backed up in other books.