[RPG] Which dice do the Potion of Giant Size triple when making a weapon attack


Consider the Potion of Giant Size, from Storm King's Thunder (p. 236, Appendix B):

Everything you are carrying and wearing also increases in size for the duration. When rolling damage for weapons enlarged in this manner, roll three times the normal number of dice; for example, an enlarged longsword would deal 3d8 slashing damage (instead of 1d8), or 3d10 slashing damage (instead of 1d10) when used with two hands.

Now consider a weapon such as the Oathbow:

If the attack hits, your sworn enemy takes an extra 3d6 piercing damage.

If a character enlarged by a Potion of Giant Size hits a sworn enemy with an Oathbow, what damage dice do you roll?

  • 3d8 + 3d6?
  • 3d8 + 9d6?

Best Answer

All of it is tripled (3d8+9d6)

Similar to this question, the main question is "what is within the weapon's damage."

From the above question:

Also: As pointed out by Doval, Jeremy Crawford allows all weapon dices to be rerolled. This includes, for instance, a Frost Brand sword's additional cold damage, since that damage is part of the weapon's damage itself (not from an additional feature)

Frost Brand states (DMG. 171):

When you hit an attack using this magic sword, the target takes an extra 1d6 cold damage.

This language is very similar to the Oathbow's text (DMG. 183):

If the attack hits, your sworn enemy takes an extra 3d6 piercing damage.

The replacement of "the target" and "your sworn enemy" is necessary for the Oathbow because of its mechanics surrounding the sworn enemy, but does not mean that the extra damage from the Oathbow is not the Oathbow's weapon damage.