[RPG] Which instruments can a 4e Bard use as an implement


I have a player who is starting a Bard in a new 4e game. He (and I) were wondering which musical instruments could be used in place of a wand. I found this passage:

Songblades and some magic musical
instruments can be used as implements
for bard powers and bard paragon path
powers. Bards treasure these magic
musical instruments not only for the
power they offer, but for the wondrous
melodies they produce in the hands of
a skilled musician.

However it doesn't clarify which musical instruments. Just looking for some clarification – thanks!

Best Answer

Most of the musical instrument magic items are flutes, lutes, harps, horns, lyres, sitars, mandolins, bandores and drums. They are usually listed under wondrous items and will clearly say that a bard can use them as an implement and how they are used as such. You can find them in the PHB2.