[RPG] Which non-light weapons does Weapon Finesse apply to


Weapon Finesse says it applies to all light weapons, and then a small number of other weapons (rapier, whip, spiked chain) from the "Player's Handbook". I know there are other non-light weapons outside the "Player's Handbook" to which this feat applies (for instance, the "Elven Courtblade" from the "Races of the Wild book"); do you guys know of a full list? If not, then can you name all that you can think of? Wizards of the Coast – sources are preferred, but any d20 source would be useful. I am particularly interested in non-light two-handed reach weapons to which you can apply Weapon Finesse.

Background: I am playing a mobile melee character (a Rogue/Psion/Elocater and soon to dip to Exemplar) with few hit points and few attacks, but with the potential of getting a high attack bonus. I am exploring a melee build for (one-heavy-)hit-and-run, powered by feats like Power Attack, Leap Attack and Battle Jump. Reach would be nice as it reduces the amount of movement the character must make, and allows for creative use of the Stand Still feat. Since my character has the misfortune of being physically feeble, but very dexterous (dexterity modifier is 7 points higher than strength modifier) I am looking for a weapon which allows him to use Weapon Finesse and Power Attack, preferrably on a two-handed weapon with reach. So far, the "Spiked Chain" looks like the most attractive weapon. It gets particularly interesting with Dimension Twister, Hustle, Whirlwind Attack and Reach, to "disappear" an enemy in the middle of a crowd, jump into the hole, and whirlwind the whole bunch.

Best Answer

For two-handed, reach weapons that you can use with Weapon Finesse, your options are basically spiked chain, and the drow scorpion chain (read: a slashing version of the spiked chain) from Races of Eberron.

Races of the Wild has several weapons that can be used with Finesse without being light, but none have reach. The lynxpaw is a double weapon (i.e. can be used as a two-handed weapon), and the elven courtblade just is a two-handed weapon. The elven thinblade is a one-handed weapon à la the rapier, i.e. it imposes restrictions on two-handing it.

Other rapier-like weapons include the ribbonweave from Races of Eberron and the quickblade rapier from Complete Adventurer.

The last such weapon I can find is the dragonsplit, from Monster Manual IV. These are one-handed but count as light for TWF and Finesse, and also have 19-20/×4 criticals. I’m not sure if they can be two-handed but since you’re not going for dual wielding I wouldn’t bother with them.

The spiked chain (or scorpion chain if you want slashing for some reason, or are a drow who can get easier proficiency) is far-and-away your best bet.

Alternatively, the feycraft template from Dungeon Master’s Guide II can make any one-handed weapon compatible with Weapon Finesse. It can also make light weapons use Dexterity instead of Strength without Weapon Finesse, which is often a bigger deal. I don’t know any one-handed weapons with reach, but the kusari-gama from Dungeon Master’s Guide is a light weapon with continuous reach à la spiked chain.