[RPG] Which proficiency bonus does a Wild Shaped Druid use for poisons and other save DCs


Does a Druid use the beast's proficiency bonus to find the save DC for a beast's poisons or the Druid's?

For example, does a level 17 Land Druid as a giant centipede have a DC 11 poison or a DC 15?

Best Answer

This is a good question, as the answer may not seem as simple as it actually is. Much about the Druid sheds confusion, but if you look on page 67 of the PHB it explicitly states what scores you keep, and what abilities you use when it comes to shifting into Wild Shape forms.

the first bullet point is the most important here, which states your game statistics are replaced entirely by that of the chosen form, except your mental scores (Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma) which remain the same. You retain your skill and saving throw proficiencies and in the case of having the same proficiency as your chosen form; you take the higher of the two. So if your Panther form has a Stealth skill of +5 and your druid has a stealth skill of +7, you can use yours in place of the Panther.

This says nothing about your Proficiency Bonus carrying over when making attacks or using abilities of the chosen form and since the beast HAS no proficiency bonus, each attack will tell you what the bonuses and DC's are. In this case you are using the ability exactly from the stat block of the chosen form, in this example the Bite attack of the Giant Centipede.

Bite: + 4 To hit (So you roll 1d20 +4 to hit with this attack, you add nothing else). The damage is 1d4 +2 (again you add no other bonuses to damage), and the target must make a DC 11 Constitution saving throw or take 3d6 Poison damage.

Every beast form works exactly like this. You read the ability precisely from the creature's monster entry and do exactly what it tells you. You gain no other proficiency to it.