[RPG] Which spells should I write down on the character sheet


Under my spells list on my character sheet, there are many lines, and some have a selection of 'prepared' beside them. Am I able to write all of my spells down there, or is there only a certain amount that I can write down?

I have the gist of preparing and casting down, just not sure if my character is 'aware' of the rest of the spells?

For instance, I understand that a level 1 cleric with a +4 WIS mod can have 5 prepared spells, unless I don't have the gist of it. So I could prepare, for example, cure wounds, healing word, create or destroy water, guiding bolt, and command

But would I be able to write down the other level 1 spells in the rest of the blank lines? Or are they something I learn?

Best Answer

As a cleric you get to choose, each day, 5 (level + WIS mod) spells to prepare from the entire cleric list, as well as your domain spells which are always prepared (PHB p.58) So while you may have decided today that those five spells are the day's agenda, tomorrow you might change your mind.

To that end one might jot down the name of all cleric spells and bubble in the five you've picked that day. Tomorrow you can erase those bubbles and bubble in five different, or only change one, &c.

Or you might just jot down the spells you think you like--say, 3/4 of the list--and do likewise with the bubbles.

The structure of the spell-page of the "standard" character sheet is meant to be useful to all casters--those who prepare and those who don't, those who know a whole list and those who only know a subset.