[RPG] Who rolls for Song of Rest


Assume multiple people have used hit dice. When a bard casts Song of Rest, who rolls the 1d6?

Beginning at 2nd level, you can use soothing music or oration to help revitalize your wounded allies during a Short Rest. If you or any friendly creatures who can hear your performance regain hit points by spending Hit Dice at the end of the Short Rest, each of those creatures regains an extra 1d6 hit points.

My DM and I feel like it's probably intended to be that all creatures regain an equal amount, so the bard should roll one die and everyone who qualifies gains the same amount. Is there anything RAW or RAI (or from a developer) that clarifies it?

To clarify: the question isn't really about who physically rolls the die. The question is if there's evidence that either the bard is intended to make one roll that applies to everyone, or if each applicable party member should roll their own d6.

Best Answer

The 'regains an extra' bit of phrasing makes this feature a bonus dice added to the roll the players' Hit Dice spending normally does, much like similarly-phrased damage features such as the Rogue's Sneak Attack do to their weapon damage rolls.

As such, the effect of the ability is not quite the same as 'You restore 1d6 hit points to everyone who spends hit dice at the end of a short rest'- you are not quite healing them directly in that way. Rather, it causes an effect on everyone hearing it that increases their hit die roll by 1d6.

Since it's a bonus to a roll each player is (separately) already doing, each player rolls their own bonus as part of their normal hit dice spending roll.

If it helps, consider there's no requirement that allies listening to your song end their short rests at the same time, and could be getting healed at different times as well.

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