[RPG] Who would be the closest to a god of wine in the Forgotten Realms


Who would be the closest to a god of wine in the Forgotten Realms? I'd prefer to stay within existing FR lore and not import Dionysus or somesuch god from "outside."

Possible candidates:

  • Chauntea, goddess of agriculture
  • Ilmater, god of endurance
  • Lliira, goddess of joy
  • Tymora, goddess of good fortune
  • Sune, goddess of love and beauty
  • Silvanus, god of wild nature

Would it be one of those, or another I'm not thinking of?

Best Answer

Taking the hedonistic, Dionysus-esque approach to wine:


In the standard Faerunian pantheon, Sharess is the god of hedonism, festhalls and sensual fulfilment; drinking and throwing parties is in her wheelhouse (and is going on pretty much constantly in the festhalls dedicated to her).

Alobal Lorfiril (maybe)

In the Elven pantheon, Alobal Lorfiril is a minor deity of hedonism and revelry. His holy symbol is even a wine glass, and the FR wiki notes:

Priests of Alobal also often oversaw the production of wine...

Unfortunately Alobal is originally from setting-neutral material and isn't actually directly referenced by any Forgotten Realms source so his existence in that setting is a matter of DM discretion.

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