[RPG] Will it break the game if healing in combat heals the max instead of rolling


In the next week I will start a new campaign where I will be the DM. The players will be totally new to the DnD World. I want to let them to freely choose the class and race which they want to play, but it seems like there will be no healer PC, just damage dealers and some kind of PC which maybe will have some healing (a Celestial patron Warlock).

I want to play with them in a relatively long campaign (I'm planning from level 1 to 20) and because of that, I really want to give them more opportunity to overcome the missing healing power.

Will it break anything if I allow the semi-healer PC to heal the maximum roll-able number with any healing skill which he/she uses in combat?

For short rest, I wouldn't allow this house rule, so I really want to know, if it would be too powerful in combat house, rule or not, and why?

Best Answer

It won't break the game, but you should not do it

Guaranteed healing is not fun, and the players will probably abuse this mechanic instead of finding clever ideas of avoiding damage. There are report of parties here with no healer at all, and most of these parties found other ways of neglecting damage, like using traps or crowd-control, carefully planning attacks, using diplomacy, etc.

Try playing normally first, and if your party really struggles with surviving, you can lower the CR of encounters a little, or provide them with some healing potions. A player could also go for multiclassing if the party thinks it can help, no problem with that on a long campaign!

There is a saying in software development which says "Premature optimization is the root of all evil", and I think it applies here as well. Be careful with what you give to your party, because you might not be able to take it away later.