[RPG] Will Wizards offer a Character Builder for D&D 5e?


For those of us who are subscribed (and get the character builder online application as well as the monster creator, among other things), will they support a 5th edition builder?

If not, will they at least keep the 4th edition one in tact?

Best Answer

Yes! Maybe

There was a project in development called Dungeon Scape that would provide character building tools as well as integration with WOTC's published adventure series.

The 4th edition character builder will continue to be a subscription service (independent of Dungeon Scape), and will remain in service as long as it is economically feasible (ie: as long as people keep paying them for it).

DungeonScape was to be a free app (web, android and iOS) with in app purchases to access specific content beyond some basic stuff (likely what comes in BD&D, though that is speculation).

After a beta period where TDT showed off an app with a rather lot of bugs, Dungeonscape was canned.

Wizards has not announced a replacement for Dungeonscape at this time though said in the press release here, that they are committed to providing viable digital tools for 5e.