[RPG] Working (unofficial) pen and paper rpg adaptation of Mass Effect?


Just out of curiosity: Do you know of a working pen and paper adaptation of Bioware's Mass Effect franchise? I think there's no such official publication (though there might be one in the works, who knows), but there may be a good unofficial version.

Best Answer

Probably most complete are these two d6-based Mass Effect RPGs. And there's a Cortex stab at one here (you have to register to see and download the files attached to the thread). Then there's Dagda who has been noodling away on a Mass Effect 2 RPG on his blog, I don't think it's downloadable but he says he's running it at cons. There's about a dozen less baked mods out there too.

Update - Wesley Schneider of Paizo has been running Mass Effect in Pathfinder and he has just published all his notes and stuff as Project Lobotomy.