[RPG] world map for the core campaign setting for DnD 4e


This question derives from: "Is there a core campaign setting for DnD 4e?".

The answers provided there were excellent and extremely helpful. Even more so when I saw that the board game Conquest of Nerath provides a map of continent.

Is a specific commercial version of Points of Light which includes a map? – if not a boxed campaign set than a perhaps a world/continent poster/map? I am hoping that there is such an entity rather than a collection of adventure-based settings.

Best Answer

There is a high-resolution map of the world around the Nentir Vale from the Conquest of Nerath board game. My understanding is that this board game is still canonical material for D&D 4e. I haven't yet found a source within the D&D 4e RPG franchise itself, however.

Having said that, there are adventures that take place outside the Nentir Vale, such as Io'Vanthor: The Lost City of the Dragonborn (Dragon 369) and Nerathi Legends: The Knights of Rethmil (Dragon 405) which describe geography consistent with this map.

(Note that this map could be printed at 300ppi and still be 13×11" or 33×28cm.)

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