[RPG] Would a cleric’s domain ever preclude them from casting a general cleric spell


First time player playing as a tempest cleric.

As I understand the rules, a cleric of any domain has access to all the general cleric spells (i.e. not the ones that are only accessible to certain domains). However, my DM informed me that my god (custom storm god that he made up) would not allow me to cast Animate Dead because that's outside his domain. He also said that while I could cast first aid type resurrection spells like Revivify, the more powerful, return-the-soul-from-the-afterlife type spells would be a no-go. However, he'd let a life domain cleric use those spells more freely.

Are there any official sources that these rules are based off? As far as I can tell this is just a homebrew push to make the domain more thematic.

Best Answer

Are there any official sources that these rules are based off?

Not that I know of. This does indeed seem to be a homebrew approach.

You might want to ask your DM to write down the full Cleric spell list that you are allowed to use; it'll cut down on arguments later if you feel they're just removing spells at will. They are essentially making a new Cleric Spell List for each deity or domain (or however it's organized)

That seems perfectly fine to me, as long as it's clear what you're getting in to.