[RPG] Would a Fireball cast by a Pixie/Human/Dragon of the same level have the same power


In essence this relates to weapon damage from creatures using "identical" weapons: A human's long sword does 1d8 damage, sure, but a storm giant with a proportionally sized long sword shouldn't do merely 1d8 damage plus its strength bonus simply because it's described/shaped like a long sword.

So a pixie is Tiny while a human is Medium and a dragon is Gargantuan in size. In a scenario where you have all three lined up at a target range and they're all, say, 10th level casters, would the size and effect of their fireballs be identical in scope?

A pixie is a little, itty bitty creature. For it to cast fireball and for it to equal the size and destructive ability of a human caster's fireball would seem overpowered.

Likewise a dragon is a mammoth creature so if it cast fireball you'd expect the magic it channeled to be much greater than a standard human caster's fireball.

Best Answer

Magic is unaffected by creature size. Creatures can have benefits for particular types of magic (it’s easy to imagine a dragon getting bonuses on fireball—after all, their descendants do—or a pixie getting some benefit with illusions), but nothing automatic just for being larger. Any such benefit would be listed directly in the creature entry.

For reference, this is also consistent with previous editions of Dungeons & Dragons. The premise, presumably, is that magic cannot be judged on physical grounds, and it’s in magic’s very nature to surprise you.