[RPG] Would a lich remember someone they knew in life


I am working on a D&D campaign where one of my PC’s long lost elf father has become a lich and must be destroyed.

Would the lich be able to remember the people they knew before becoming a lich?

Best Answer

I looked through several references relating to Lichs and most skipped the actual effects of becoming a Lich. However I did find this on the Lich Wikipedia page:

Unlike most other forms of undead creatures, the Lich retains all of the memories, personality, and abilities that it possessed in life

Unfortunately the page didn't have a citation for that tidbit.

The 3.5 SRD mentions:

Liches speak Common plus any other languages they knew in life.


A lich retains all class abilities it had in life.

Which implies knowledge from their previous life remains.

And I feel like this makes sense. Surely the reason to avoid death is to remain who you are? If becoming a Lich meant losing all aspects of yourself and becoming something else entirely most Mages wouldn't bother because you don't really gain anything.