[RPG] Would this homebrew Eldritch Invocation allow you to add Eldritch Blast damage to a sneak attack


NOTE: Homebrew must be allowed for this to work!

  • Take 1 level in Rogue to get Sneak Attack. Take 5 levels in Warlock
    (this is preferably your starting class).
  • Take Agonizing Blast at the second Warlock level, as well as whatever
    other invocation you want.
  • At fifth level, take the dandwiki homebrew Eldritch Blow invocation, which
    goes as follows:

As an action, you may make a melee attack against a creature, dealing additional damage equal to your eldritch blast's damage on top of the existing weapon damage.

  • Get a rapier since sneak attack requires a ranged or finesse weapon.

This should get you 1d8 + DEX piercing, at least another 1d6 due to sneak attack, as well as 2d10 + CHA force damage. I say 2d10 because at 5th level, you get another d10 for Eldritch Blast damage.

This should work, right?

Best Answer

Yes, that works as written

The steps all logically work together and the damage does stack up together (just don't forget to add the CHA for each Blast.)

Most likely incredibly overpowered.

I personally do not think this is balanced as it presents significantly more always-on damage than nearly any other class and every player would likely want to do be able to do this.