[RPG] Zombie apocalypse systems that use lots of d10


Yet another system recommendation question from me. While procrastinating at work, I stumbled upon a very poorly written "Zombie Apocalypse Guide" and immediately got fascinated by the idea to run a short campaign in that theme.

  • Ideally, it should rely on lots of d10 dice. If it does not, it should be possible to adapt it to use d10s.
  • Quick battle/skill resolution, preferably including mechanics or table for persistent wounds
  • What I am looking for in terms of gameplay is primarily scavenging for resources, setting up defenses, interaction with other players/NPCs of people who are suddenly caught by zombies
  • I don't want an expansion to a general-colossus system like DnD, Savage Worlds, GURPS etc. I am looking for either an indie game or a system made with zombie apocalypse at mind

I am most interested in the first and third points – I have a heck-a-lot of d10 (because I also play The Riddle of Steel occasionally) and I'd like to have another use for them. Plus, both I and my players enjoy rolling a handful (or three) of dice.

Best Answer

All Flesh Must Be Eaten is the huge zombie apocalypse RPG, and it uses Eden Studios' Unisystem which is d10 based. Any given roll only uses one or two, but since there are often hordes of zombies your d10s all get their exercise.

It is a BIG game line that has something for every subgenre (Kung fu zombies! Wild West zombies! Pirate zombies! Military zombies!). And it's loads of fun, a reasonably light system.