[SalesForce] Allow I.P to avoid 2 factor authentication

I have a sandbox that I am trying to login from home, when I try to login, it asks me for a security code that is setup to be sent to my boss's mobile phone.

So, I have to login into the production org (from Home) as a system admin, (I know I could change this phone from here but for purpose of the question I will not do this). I have set up my home IP as a secure one, from:

Setup >> Security Control >> Network Access

I add the IP that I get when I Google "Whats my IP"

I don't understand why I keep getting to be ask for the code if this IP address is saved in my org?

Best Answer

It will be difficult for you to use a single home IP address to add to Network Settings. Most homes are on DHCP with a dynamic IP address so it would be like hitting a moving target. But if you can narrow down the range of IP's that your ISP is likely to provide, you could maybe configure that range in your org.

Alternatively, as you state, you can change the phone number.

You could go as far as a completely new administrator user for that sandbox, with the correct phone number/email address, etc.

There is the nuclear option of setting the profile IP range to something very broad, but I would be careful of your company policy before you do that.

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