[SalesForce] Alter Lead Assignment Notification when lead created by the LMA (License Management App)

I feel defeated asking this but I am stumped…..

Ok so I am trying to figure out how to route or in any way affect the Lead Assignment notification when the lead is created by the LAM (License Management App). I have been unsuccessful is stoping the emails or sending them to a specific user or queue.

The emails seem to be the default lead assignment notification

Lead: xx xx, The xx of Companies has been assigned to you.

To view the details of this lead in salesforce.com click on the following link:

The email address that these email are being sent to is info@xyz.com

Known facts:

  1. Only one auto response rule with 13 steps is active.
  2. ALL steps have the Email template blank
  3. The leads in question only match the the last step which assigns it to the owner who DOES NOT have the email receiving the notification. The original owner of the lead and the newly assigned owner of the lead (due to the rule) are NOT the info@xyz.com email
  4. The Default Lead owner is NOT info@xyz.com
  5. Basically there is no path that I can see where an email is sent to info@xyz.com
  6. There is no email template in the org that sends an email as outlined above

At first I thought it was because the LMA was not setting the DMLOptions Header and thus assignment rules were being followed but I have ruled that out because there is no path that it can end up going to the email address it is going to.

There is no instance of the info@xyz.com in the code nor any instance of the OWD Email Address Name or ID in any code within the org.

Can anyone tell me how the Default Lead Assignment Notification is being sent when a lead is created by the LMA (License Management App). More importantly, how does one turn it off or specify where the email goes???

Testing Update

  • I just did a test by changing the assignment rule to send to me.
  • The lead came in and the info@xyz.com got the email and the owner was the queue. (it should not have been if the assignment rules were used)
  • I clicked edit on the lead then checked the assign using assignment rules. It was assigned to me and I got the email.

I also update the default owner on the web to lead to be me with the same results

Think that proves that the assignment and email is being done by the LMA somehow and not the assignment rules.

Update 8-28-2017

Found this: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000188074&type=1

Looks like there is not much that can be done RE the assignment but still not sure if that means I am SOL for the notification email as well but I believe it may indicate that

Best Answer

After you login to your Salesforce instance, navigate to Setup and in local search text area. You should search for web-to-lead and check the web-to-lead setting by which you can figure out how default the LMA trigger the notifications to the set contact.