[SalesForce] Assign business account record type for enabling person accounts

I am currently trying to enable Person Account Type. I have followed the steps mentioned in the relating guide and submited the issue to customer service.

But now they bug me a lot, with really non-understandable emails like this:

" have checked and currently there is no Business Account Record Type
created yet for the org you requested. Once I have your confirmation
that Business Account record type has been created, I will forward
this request to our Senior Engineers for their approval."

Well, I already have plenty of Account Record Types. What do they mean with Business Account Record Type? Should I just name it like that or what's the catch?

I wouldn't have thought that it is THAT hard to skip accounts for individuals.

You got any advice on that?

Best Answer

When we created our org we added a Record Type called "Business Accout" and then requested Person Accounts be activated. You don't have to assign the Record Type to any of your profiles so I would just go ahead and create it. I'm pretty sure you can delete it afterward, if you wanted.

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