[SalesForce] Assigning Tasks to Related User

We have been trying to assign a task to our Sales Engineers (Lookup Field on opp), they are not the Opp owner. The Sales Engineers are assigned to Opps in their own field once it reaches a specific point in the deal. The S.E.'s would like to have a task sent to them each time they have been assigned a Opp. I already have email notifications going out to them and daily reports, but they want a task in addition.

I know tasks cannot be assigned if its not the User, Role, Owner, or Creator. I tried to use Process Builder to work around it but failed. I thought of also creating multiple WF rules for each Engineer to receive a task if it meets a specific criteria of their name to that field, but this would just be a band-aid fix.

Best Answer

You should definitely be able to do this with process builder, I just tossed together a quick POC in my Dev org:

Process Criteria
Create Record
Test Result

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