[SalesForce] Can the SLA fields Violation, Elapsed Time be shown up top at the case level

I am working on the OOTB Entitlement and Milestones. I want to show Milestones fields at the Case level like Violation, Elapsed Time and Target Response etc.

Can the key Milestone fields Violation, Elapsed Time and Target Response be shown up top at the case level?

I dont see the option that you're saying:
enter image description here

Best Answer

Case is related with Milestones through Entitlement. So, you can show the Entitlement Record on Case level, but Milestones records cannot be displayed at Case level at least through formula fields.

You can create custom fields at Case and from apex coding populate those values from Milestones. But a Case can have multiple milestones. So you need to think which milestone record to be shown on Case level.

Update based on comments

When the milestone is violated you can define workflow field update action to update a Case field.

To define this:

Go to Entitlement Process --> Milestone --> Violation Action

Add time trigger: 1 Minute After

Milestone status violation

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