[SalesForce] Case Emails – Client Replies (email-to-case) – Can SF Be Told To Email The Case Owner

If a client sends a REPLY to a case email (which is from an "email to case" email address), can SF not be told to send a copy of the email and/or send an alert to the Case Owner? This seems no-brainer to me, but I'm not finding help for it (Google, Community, etc). Otherwise, a Case Owner would need to check the case periodically manually to find out if any replies have come – this seems silly.

Best Answer

From Setup > Customize > Cases > Email-to-Case, check Notify Case Owners on New Emails.

case emails

Or if that's not working, in the meantime you could trigger EmailMessage to create a CaseComment instead, then enable Case Comment Notifications from Setup > Support Settings.

case comments

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