[SalesForce] Chatter Quick Action Update Record + Post Feed Item

I want to create a Quick Action where I can update the status of a Custom Object and also Post something on the feed. Something like the File-quick action.

File Quick Action

I have something like this right now:

My Quick Action

I want to be able to 'Say something' about the Status Change. Do I need to make a Visualforce Page for this? Or can I simply add the 'Say Something'-field to the Quick Action?

Best Answer

Yes, you should be using Visualforce Custom Actions along with Chatter Connect API for the 'comment' part, changing the 'status' & doing any other custom operations. This is a good example of how to create a custom quick action using Visualforce custom actions.

You would then need to add your Visualforce custom action as a quick action using the steps mentioned here.

So, your add comment, status change etc. part will be handled via your Visualforce page.

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