[SalesForce] Configure DocuSign to send a visualforce page(rendered as PDF)

I need to send an email with a PDF attachment that needs a signature from the recipient with salesforce. DocuSign seems to be the app to use. How do I configure DocuSign app to send my visualforce page as the attachment and not open the page to create a new envelope?

I have already gone through http://developer.force.com/cookbook/recipe/accessing-docusign-api-from-salesforcecom-to-send-contracts-for-esignatures
but the problem with that way is that it doesn't create dsfs__DocuSign_Status__c records to track the status of the document.

I have also thought about a custom button, (https://www.docusign.com/sites/default/files/DocuSign%20for%20Salesforce%20Custom%20Button%20Logic.pdf) but cannot find how to create an attachement from a VF page.

Best Answer

Can use DocuSiggn soap API to create the email attachment and to track it, can use the docusign app.Refer Attaching a visualforce page rendered as PDF to Docusign email for the complete answer explained.

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