[SalesForce] Create a workflow that will send email when there is no activity for 30 days

Create a workflow on accounts that will send an email when there is no activity for 30 days?.

the no activity is based on when the user hasn't made a call for 30 days.

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"Activity" can be either a Task or an Event. I'm not certain if you're referring to only Tasks or not. Basically, you're talking about Time-Based Workflow. You'd want to create workflow that fires on Task or Event. Assuming you're referring to Task, your workflow should look something like the following:

(First, you don't know if the previous task will have been completed or not. It could easily be overdue by 30 days, so I'll base this on that assumption)

Evaluation Criteria: Evaluate the Rule when a record is created and any time it is subsequenty edited to meet the criteria.

Rule Criteria: Run this rule if the following rule evaluates to true:

datevalue(LastModifiedDate) = Today()

Save it and add a Time Trigger

Workflow Time Trigger Edit

30 days after Task:LastModifiedDate

Save it and click on the drop-down "Add Workflow Action" to "send an Outbound Message". Create the email template to send the message to the account (or user responsible for the account) related to the task.

If you want the same to apply to Events, you'll need to duplicate the process for Event. Unfortunately without the use of a plug-in like Breeze 3.0, there's no way to evaluate both rules at the same time.

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