[SalesForce] Creating Business Units in Marketing Cloud

Is it possible to move the journey in Parent unit seamlessly into a sub business unit? We created a journey in our Parent Business Unit. As we further expand our use of Marketing Cloud, we plan on creating additional business units.

Best Answer

You can use the REST API to retrieve an existing Interaction using the getInteractionById method, then using the payload from the response, use the createInteraction method to create a new one.

However, the problem is that activities are specific to the Business Unit. For example, emails relate to a Triggered Send in the Business Unit, filters used in Decision Split Activities and Events relate to filters in the Business Unit, Update Contact Data Activities relate to Data Extensions in the Business Unit and so on.

So yes, you can copy an Interaction using the REST API, but you would need to re-configure the Interaction Event and its Activities after doing so.

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