[SalesForce] Custom multiline edit for QuoteLineItems and population of description field

I need to edit the multiple page layout of the QuoteLineItem object.
I'm able to show a custom field, however I need to populate that field with a value from the pricebook2 associated to the product.

Is it possible to create a totally custom multi-line page? otherwise can I inject custom logic through apex or javascript?

Best Answer

My guess is that you want to create a custom edit table for all lineItems on a quote which contains fileds from pricebook2. This can be done with a visualforce page and an apex controller. Here you find a generic example which you need to adjust to your scenario.


You can create a custom button on the quote view page, which routes you to your new line item edit page. There you edit the line items, save them and return back to the qoute view.

So far no need of javascript.

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