[SalesForce] DMLException.getDmlId() returning null

In a batch Apex class, I've wrapped the DML statements in a transaction and try/catch block, looking for DMLExceptions. When I catch the exception and call getDMLId(), it just returns null, which is not useful in tracking down the error.

Simplified Code:

global void execute(Database.BatchableContext bc, List<sObject> scope){
  System.Savepoint rollbackPoint = Database.setSavepoint();
    UpdateRecords(scope);  //Updates existing records
  catch(DMLException e){
    for (Integer index = 0; index < e.getNumDml(); index++){
      this.batchErrorMessage = this.batchErrorMessage + '\nThe job failed for record ' + e.getDmlId(index) + ' on fields ' + e.getDmlFieldNames(index) + '.';   
      this.batchErrorMessage = this.batchErrorMessage + '\nException message: ' + e.getDmlMessage(index);


Sample message:

The job failed for record null on fields (My_Field__c). Exception
message: My_Field__c outside of valid range on numeric field: My_Field__c

The record is failing during an UPDATE, so I know the record id exists.
Why is getDmlId() returning null while the other methods don't? How can I

Best Answer

Perhaps someone can answer the question of why the method is returning null.

All I can offer is a work-around to use scope[e.getDmlIndex(index)].Id instead of e.getDmlId(index) in the error message. (With the hope that getDmlIndex does not also return null.)

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